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Dream: Diggers thumb

Dream: Diggers

Robert returned to this image repeatedly. He first showed construction machines glimpsed outside a hospital room window, with the window appearing between a patient on a bed and a visitor in a chair. As he developed the image, Robert dispensed with

View of Hantsport thumb

View of Hantsport

This is the view from the bedroom window of Robert’s room in his parents’ Hantsport home, where he spent time while recovering from his cancer treatment. The foreground shows a field dotted with tree stumps, the last remnants of an

Study for View of Hantsport thumb

Study for View of Hantsport

Landscape plus factory, looking west from the bedroom window of Robert’s parents home in Mt. Denson. The charcoal version shows a summertime landscape with the trees rounded with leaves contrasting with the stumps and overgrown grasses in the foreground. The

Landscape with animals thumb

Landscape with animals

Conceived as a gift for his aunt Margaret Pope, who was a great lover of animals, and who is seen walking her prized German Shepherd in the distance, this winter landscape is marked by large expanses of snow-covered fields and a

Shadows on a Rock in Point Pleasant Park thumb

Shadows on a Rock in Point Pleasant Park

After graduating from Acadia University, Rob moved to Halifax in the summer of 1977. The sketches in this book, most made at Point Pleasant Park, double as scenic views of Halifax and as studies of light and shade, often with

Tree, River, Field thumb

Tree, River, Field

This view of the Avon River looks east from Robert’s family home in Mount Denson. Robert’s sister Janet is seen under an apple tree, the last of an orchard planted 50 years earlier. The small figure in white adds a

Orchard thumb


Robert grew up in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, a farming district famous for its apple orchards. Orchard features a landscape that is charged with energy and tension. The image of love unfolding suggests both anxiety and compulsion. There is a

New Field thumb

New Field

This image was inspired by the film, Field of Dreams, 1989, adopted from W.P. Kinsella’s Magic Realist novel Shoeless Joe, 1982. In this watercolour version, the crutch lies before a field of wheat. The acrylic on canvas version uses a

River thumb


Robert took photos at a Macrobiotic group picnic and the figures in the river suggested a return to health through harmony with nature and community. We see two stages of immersion, as the man treds water, half in and half

Halifax Citadel over Rooftops thumb

Halifax Citadel over Rooftops

Robert’s Argyle Street studio looked out over Citadel Hill in downtown Halifax. The building in the immediate foreground with the long rows of windows, which has now been torn down, belonged to the Chronicle Herald. Halifax Citadel over Rooftops and