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Living in Fear thumb

Living in Fear

This drawing is selected from several pages of similar cold war themes, all treated in a cartoon style. As the nuclear bomb explodes on the screen of the TV, the figure of the watching man becomes increasingly indistinct until he finally

Song of Solomon thumb

Song of Solomon

The title “Song of Solomon” refers to the joyful chapter in the Bible that reads like a love poem filled with nature imagery. The lovers in the Song of Solomon are both human characters and at the same time symbolic of

The Lobster Network thumb

The Lobster Network

Robert’s illustration for Canadian Forum magazine accompanied the story, “Brian’s Dilemma,” about an out-of-work fisherman who has trouble adapting to circumstances after the collapse of the fisheries in Nova Scotia. In the story, as conditions worsen, fantasies spring up about technological solutions. In

Apartment thumb


A man and woman appear together in a room but they are divided by modern devices: telephone, TV and stereo. Robert’s girlfriend Heather talks on the phone, while a screen lights up in the background. The pensive man, a self-portrait

Six O’clock News thumb

Six O’clock News

The couple watching TV are Robert’s parents, William and Isabel. It is an odd way for Robert to portray his parents, both hard-workers who watched little TV. However the couple took a keen interest in the news. The setting is

Clown thumb


At first glance, it is unclear how the painting, Clown fits in with the rest of The Accident series, as almost all the other images feature cars or wharves. It is true, Robert has placed his “Wharf” image on the back wall

Prufrock thumb


This small cartoon illustrates T.S. Eliot’s poem, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” Robert builds upon the poem’s references to art and the Bible, adding in a television and Hollywood Oscar statuette: the invasion of pop culture into high