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Ocean Picnic thumb

Ocean Picnic

This image, showing a father and son eating food from a plate, sitting on a rock surrounded by water as far as the eye can see, was created during the “Illness & Healing” project, but has no obvious connection to

Sea Vegetables thumb

Sea Vegetables

This illustration for the Lancelot Press book, Suzanne’s Natural Food Cookbook places food in a landscape, suggesting a link between healthy environments and healthy foods. Robert even makes the food look like part of the landscape: the tofu resemble rocks and the

Study for Agriculture in Transition thumb

Study for Agriculture in Transition

Over six sketchbook pages, Robert developed ideas for a poster for a university conference on “the future of food production.” Here are two of those pages. Robert started with a list of possible ideas, all revolving around the concept of future

Notes on Food and Health thumb

Notes on Food and Health

In a small travel sketchbook, Robert makes notes on diet and health. The left hand page uses a diagram to illustrate how the symptoms of a disease spiral off from the root cause of an illness. Medicine that targets symptoms, rather than root

Food thumb


Robert combines the themes of food and family, in a hospital room setting with a cityscape visible out the window. Meals are daily rituals that help bind families together. Treatments disrupt these rituals. Robert shows a patient with her husband

Poster for Agriculture in Transition thumb

Poster for Agriculture in Transition

Notes on the subject of food appear in a small sketchbook Robert took with him on a trip to Toronto in the fall of 1985. His trips often coincided with health lectures or workshops. A month later Robert created this poster.

Cover for Suzanne’s Natural Food Cookbook thumb

Cover for Suzanne’s Natural Food Cookbook

This was a pet project that Robert brought to Lancelot Press, a cookbook by Suzanne Marquardt, co-founder (along with Beulah Murphy) of the Macrobiotics East group in Halifax. Robert was an active member of this group and designed their monthly