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Study for Mirage (Film) thumb

Study for Mirage (Film)

This is one of Robert’s most enigmatic images, created at art school as a study for his “Mirage” series. Art school had taught Robert to be suspicious of mass-consumed images, such as those found in ads and popular films, that may

Mirage (Projected) thumb

Mirage (Projected)

This installation photo comes from Robert’s first art exhibition, his graduating show at NSCAD in the Anna Leonowens Gallery. Among his paintings and drawings, mostly of mirages, Robert set up a slide projector and projected an image signifying a mirage onto

Mirage (Artist’s Studio) thumb

Mirage (Artist’s Studio)

  A sketchbook drawing of Robert’s Argyle Street studio reveals a row of arch-shaped windows spaced along a red brick wall. Floorboards run underfoot in parallel lines. Here Robert has abstracted these elements into a row of arches, striped lines and

Mirage (Arrows) thumb

Mirage (Arrows)

In all, Robert explores six versions of the mirage theme for his “Oppositions” exhibition. Each version uses different media: one is a slide projection, another is a see-through sculpture; two feature paintings on sandpaper; the above image is painted on

Study for Mirage (Arrows) thumb

Study for Mirage (Arrows)

This small thumbnail sketch looks quite contemporary with our increased use of icons in mobile devices—it’s as if Robert was trying to invent an icon that represented the concept of a mirage or false information. The wave lines combined with

Mirage (Sand) thumb

Mirage (Sand)

This Pop Art mirage offers an ironic escape from an uninviting desert. The sand glued to the canvas is real sand, while the island, palm tree and pond are painted representations, created in such a cartoon style that no one could