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Double portrait of Janet and Robert Pope thumb

Double portrait of Janet and Robert Pope

This double portrait of brother and sister is set in the Hantsport family home. Robert painted his sister’s portrait and she painted his portrait. Coming up with an idea for an artwork that someone else then interprets (like a musical

Ocean Picnic thumb

Ocean Picnic

This image, showing a father and son eating food from a plate, sitting on a rock surrounded by water as far as the eye can see, was created during the “Illness & Healing” project, but has no obvious connection to

Progress thumb


A family stand close together forming a totemic tower of smallest to tallest, their bodies overlapping with a patient stretched-out resigned on a hospital bed. Their gazes alternate from side to side, creating a turning, twisting motion that leads upward

Watching the River Flow thumb

Watching the River Flow

This drawing portrays Robert’s father, William sitting in a lawn chair in his backyard in Mt. Denson, a hillside property that slopes down to the Avon River. The image may have been inspired by Edward Hopper’s People in the Sun,

Study for Family thumb

Study for Family

As Robert walked from his apartment to the Victoria General Hospital, he passed a large cemetery that stretched across several city blocks. The shape of the stone crosses on the graves reminded him of the shape of the hospital building across

The Sea thumb

The Sea

On a warm clear day, a young mother takes her infant for a walk in a stroller. They pause to look out at sunlight playing off the water. There seems to be a connection between mother, child and sea. Created in 1985, a

Family Illness (Watercolour) thumb

Family Illness (Watercolour)

A young man and woman sit facing one another across the bedside of an older patient, most likely the mother of one or both of them. No one tries to communicate. Being there is all that counts. The sharp perspective

Visitors thumb


Friendship was always important to Robert, who faithfully kept every letter, card and note ever written to him. Study notes show how the artist planned the image Visitors to be divided into three sections, right, left and center, each conveying

The Gift thumb

The Gift

A cancer patient holds his newborn child while his wife, in a hospital gown of her own, looks on. They are a modern version of the holy family. The man is bald from his chemo treatments, making his resemblance to

Six O’clock News thumb

Six O’clock News

The couple watching TV are Robert’s parents, William and Isabel. It is an odd way for Robert to portray his parents, both hard-workers who watched little TV. However the couple took a keen interest in the news. The setting is