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Robert occasionally reworks earlier motifs into his “Illness & Healing” series. Here he uses the wharf setting, which was such a notable feature of his “Accident” series. In that series, the wharf was a site of mystery, a bridge between

Three on a Wharf thumb

Three on a Wharf

Robert made original Christmas cards that served as small gifts that allowed him to connect with friends and patrons. These cards became increasingly sophisticated and, as expectations around them grew, Robert felt challenged to outdo himself each year. He often set himself the double

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Robert’s interest in the mythology of pop culture often focused on cars. The Accident series takes, as a point of departure, the breakdown of cars and the subsequent unraveling of a sense of order and certainty. This reflected feelings Robert

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A couple stand on a wharf suspended between water and sky, poised between signs of the eternal and the ephemeral. The ocean is a symbol of a natural force that is vast, ancient and unceasing in the regularity of its action.

Couple Reading on a Wharf thumb

Couple Reading on a Wharf

For Robert, sharing stories was a central facet of human experience. The idea in this image is that books open up the world and connect people to one another. The reading man and woman reflect a harmonious blend of body and