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Friends & Music thumb

Friends & Music

Robert loved music and had his own radio show at Acadia University, as did his girlfriend Heather, who is pictured here as the singing figure on the left. Heather is one of three women making and recording their own music. The tape

Our Musical Heritage thumb

Our Musical Heritage

Robert designed and illustrated this cover for a book on the history of Maritime folk music. Robert’s design mimics the look of a hand-stitched sampler. Samplers combine patterned borders, letters (often the alphabet), simple images, and frequently include elements of family

Friend with guitar and patient thumb

Friend with guitar and patient

Guitars come out at a party or around a campfire; it’s a little startling to see one in a hospital. So when it happens, there’s a sense that the clinical austerity has been breached and friendship prevails. Robert had great

Poster for World Relief Revue thumb

Poster for World Relief Revue

On July 13, 1985, a televised live concert, raising funds for famine relief in Africa, was held simultaneously in London and Philadelphia. The extraordinary publicity generated by this “Live Aid” event inspired artists and musicians around the world to organize

Revel without a Cause thumb

Revel without a Cause

A flower wraps itself around a guitar and appears to play the instrument, using its leaves to strum the vibrating strings. The flower is gigantic in proportion to the guitar and is drawn in a strange tubular style with a dark

Poster for a University Dance thumb

Poster for a University Dance

While Robert was in university, he took on several odd jobs to earn a little money. One of these jobs involved helping to set up parties, promoting the parties and cleaning up afterwards. This illustration is from a poster promoting

Vision thumb


This image can be read on two levels. On a realist level, a church choir visits a patient who reaches across his hospital bed toward them. On a more fantastic level, a patient, nearing death or at a pivotal moment