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Plan for Sculpture (Window) thumb

Plan for Sculpture (Window)

Robert’s father William had done some wood carving as a young man, but as his family and business grew, this past-time was abandoned. To encourage a revival of this creative activity, Robert presented his father with a design for a bas relief carving. The design features

Double portrait of Janet and Robert Pope thumb

Double portrait of Janet and Robert Pope

This double portrait of brother and sister is set in the Hantsport family home. Robert painted his sister’s portrait and she painted his portrait. Coming up with an idea for an artwork that someone else then interprets (like a musical

Studies for “Love Poems” thumb

Studies for “Love Poems”

The first page of a new sketchbook is devoted to a project for a friend, the cover illustration to Joanne Light’s book, Love Poems. This is the first of many collaborations with Joanne. Joanne encouraged Robert to pursue the theme

Cover for Suzanne’s Natural Food Cookbook thumb

Cover for Suzanne’s Natural Food Cookbook

This was a pet project that Robert brought to Lancelot Press, a cookbook by Suzanne Marquardt, co-founder (along with Beulah Murphy) of the Macrobiotics East group in Halifax. Robert was an active member of this group and designed their monthly

Double portrait of Robert Pope thumb

Double portrait of Robert Pope

Robert occasionally collaborated on projects with his brother, Doug, a photographer and filmmaker. In this photo-collage, made by sandwiching two negatives together, the artist is portrayed as a manipulator of light — changeable, dramatic and ghost-like. Doug was influenced by American