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Three on a Wharf thumb

Three on a Wharf

Robert made original Christmas cards that served as small gifts that allowed him to connect with friends and patrons. These cards became increasingly sophisticated and, as expectations around them grew, Robert felt challenged to outdo himself each year. He often set himself the double

The Light thumb

The Light

Robert’s images served many functions. This Ezekiel-like vision by way of Bob Dylan emerged out of Robert’s “Accident” series. The image next appeared on Robert’s home-made Christmas card for 1990, with a line from the Bible inside: “The light shines

Annunciation thumb


This illustration, influenced by Leonardo’s Annunciation, was featured in one of Robert’s hand-crafted Christmas cards. Robert had a life-long fascination with Leonardo da Vinci, in part because of da Vinci’s dual interest in art and science. In university, Robert had to choose

Invitation card to Oppositions exhibition thumb

Invitation card to Oppositions exhibition

This invitation card announces Robert’s graduation show at NSCAD. “Oppositions” was the perfect theme for Robert, who was particularly gifted at finding and creating visual contrasts. The poster features Robert’s image, Nail Garden, a collage of flowered wallpaper with 2” nails

Invitation Card for Afternoon on the Avon thumb

Invitation Card for Afternoon on the Avon

An example of Robert’s humorous drawing, in which he often dislocates mythic figures into a local Nova Scotian landscape. The background shows a view of the Minas Basin with Cape Blomidon appearing as a distant shore. Blomidon was home of