Notes on Food and Health

Notes on Food and Health large

In a small travel sketchbook, Robert makes notes on diet and health. The left hand page uses a diagram to illustrate how the symptoms of a disease spiral off from the root cause of an illness. Medicine that targets symptoms, rather than root causes, is likely to be ineffective.

Beneath this diagram, Robert makes a few observations about cooking. He emphasizes how “cooking is central to healing” and notes that “cooking = a person’s energy.” It takes energy to cook and many people find it difficult after a hard day at work to make the effort. Cooking is an act of self-reliance and a healthy way of sharing with others. Robert concludes his notes with a statement drawn from personal experience: “If you are immature, it is difficult to become a good cook.” Cooking, then, is an indicator of personal growth and strong character.

The facing page shows a drawing of two people sharing time together over a meal.

Notes on Food and Health

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